Sunday, September 9, 2012

bats on 'science friday'

image via WSSU ram pages

so obviously i have to share this. this past friday, 'science friday' featured the research of nickolay hristov of UNC's center for design innovation and winston-salem state university, pictured above. hristov specializes in using technology to better capture the flight of bats and better understand what goes on in a bat cave during the day. there's a really beautiful video on the science friday website, but the code for embedding it is incomplete, so i can't post it here. you'll just have to go check it out.

a little more background on the brazilian free-tailed bats at the beginning of the video: i believe the bats pictured are leaving bracken cave, outside san antonio. if i'm right, they are all males. where are all the ladies, you ask? well, they summer under the congress avenue bridge in austin. they give birth to their pups under the bridge, and they'll meet up with the males again when they head south for the winter to escape the cold, and, uh, make more bats.

want to learn more about brazilian free-tailed bats? check bat conservation international's species profile.

want to learn more about dr. hristov's work? check out this article from 'science careers.'

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